A group of fourth year nursing students from the Saskatchewan Collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at the University of Regina were placed at Seven Stones Elementary School for their community rotation. They wanted to implement mental health into their educational time with the students. They narrowed in on this issue as being something that is not talked about enough in a positive way within the community and also a topic that many students struggle with.




During their time at Seven Stones the nursing students did a workshop with each grade in the school educating them on the mental health issues of depression, anxiety, stress and self-esteem. Most importantly included in the presentation were healthy coping habits and ways they could improve their mental health. The purpose of these workshops was to create a healthy conversation with the students where they could talk without judgment and in a positive way.


On June 11th UnderstandUs collaborated with the fourth year nursing students to wrap up their time at Seven Stones Community School. We explained the ‘Share Your Recipe’ campaign to the school and invited each student to get involved. The kids lined up for hair and makeup, had their recipe written on a sign, and then stood confidently as they got their pictures taken with their personal message. After the education and introduction to the event the kids were excited and more than willing to share their recipes on how they stay happy and healthy.

There were many people and businesses who dedicated their time and resources to this event. We would like to thank Kim and Ashlee’s Bakery, Avant-Garde Beauty School, Safeway, Super Store, Dairy Queen, Chapters, The Dollar Tree and friends & family of the students for their donations and time. Without them this event would not have been the success that it turned out to be.