Share Your Recipe | A Mental Health Campagin


We all have different ingredients for living well. What's yours?

We all know what we can do to improve our physical health, but we often lack the tools to improve our mental health. What do you do for mental wellness? Do you go for a run, put on your favorite song, or call up some friends to hang out? Maybe you seek help from professionals or open up to loved ones? Everyone has their unique way of de-stressing, relaxing and coping with how they are feeling.

Be a part of a community that helps you and others improve their mental health.


Get Involved. Show Your Support.

Help us end the stigma of mental illness by sharing your recipe for how you cope, improve or thrive when faced with life's challenges.

Share your mental health recipe using the hashtag #ShareYourRecipe on your favourite social network. See other examples by checking out the gallery below or following the hashtag.

Embrace the perfection in the imperfection.