Yoga pants, jeggings, stretchy jeans and the comfy pajama bottoms that you keep for years.  When we put on these pieces of clothing we feel free and unrestricted, the shape of the clothes adjusting to the shape of our body rather than us having to adjust to the shape of the clothes.  All of these pieces of clothing contain some small amount of Spandex, in most cases as little as 5%.  The stretchiness of the threads allows the fabric to shift and move, making allowances for our bodies and making those yoga pants, jeggings or jeans the “perfect fit”.

One size and style of pant, although made in vast quantities but with Spandex added, can become the perfect fit for any number of different body shapes and sizes as the Spandex adjusts for the differences.


What if we were able to add a small amount of Spandex to our minds?  How might our ability to fit with people with different bodies and minds change if we were able to add even 5% Spandex to our thinking?  Imagine if we would be able to stretch and shift our thinking and attitudes to allow us to make room and adjustments in order to fit with other people rather than expecting them to fit into the molds that we have for them.  Would it give us the ability to make allowances for their different shapes and sizes, ways of talking and ways of doing?   In adding this flexibility to our thinking and attitudes, we would then be open to understand and respect DIVERSE-ABILITIES.  We can be the kind of people who, when we are around, leave people feeling free and unrestricted, respected and accepted like having on the most comfy pair of pants. We can also seek to surround ourselves with the kind of people that can do the same for us, giving us room to be who we are without feeling restricted or judged.  What could adding a little Spandex to your thinking do for you?