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We all need great holiday gift ideas. Why not support your community while you are at it? This Holiday season give the gift of Understanding and help support our upcoming campaign launching in 2015.   Think of it as a gift for you, them, and your community.  
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Brawn for Brains – A workout for mental health

On saturday November 29th(12 pm) UnderstandUs, Aspen Electrical and CrossFit Villains are presenting Brawn for Brains.  A workout fundraising event which will include a small community workout, auction, prizes and a lot of fun!  The event will be held at 655 Henderson Dr and we will be using every dollar raised to renovate the classroom at the Canadian mental health association of saskatchewan along side Aspen electrical.


This classroom is used to provide educational workshops to those who suffer from mental health barriers to improve their mental well being.  We will be updating the Audio/Visual, furniture, lighting, office supplies and general layout of the room to ensure this great organization can get the most out of this room for years to come.


We believe in giving back to the mental health community in Saskatchewan and we are very excited about this project.


You can sign up below:
Information and registration

Donate to the project below:
Donate to the classroom project

UnderstandUs “Mo’s Out” for mens mental health.

UnderstandUs believes that positive mental health is one of the most important factors leading to individuals thriving in life.  This is why we are a proud supporter of the Movember campaign in promoting positive health in men.

We are extending an invitation to support this great initiative by making a small donation through our page.
Donate to Movember on behalf of UnderstandUs

An Untold Truth: Jerrod Corse

Did somebody say “mental health?” I thought you shouldn’t say that out loud, after all, it has a negative stigma right? Well to those who have or currently live with mental health diseases, please scream it out loud.  It is a disease that can have disastrous effects and could be happening to anyone around you, including those you love the most or the boss you feel has everything “together”.


The Truth: Kelsey Hanson

“I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say because of you, I didn’t give up.”


I found this quote about six months ago and when I read it, all I could think about is how much I wanted to hear those words from someone. I realized that although I have struggled and dealt with many obstacles, I can be that inspiring person that I’ve always wanted to be.  For the first time in my life, I have realized that it is unfair to be ashamed of who I really am and what has made me who I am today. I am taking the risk of having another story that is the same as so many others, but I also have the opportunity to inspire or maybe help someone build the courage to tell a friend or family with a struggle they have been dealing with. My goal is not to make people feel sorry for me, I do not want any sympathy, my goal is to help people realize how precious life is and that if you are struggling, you are not alone.


One hours time: Riley Lawson

In one hour’s time in Grade 7 at the age of 12, something happened. I didn’t know it at the time but it would shape my entire existence, influence my every decision, and affect the rest of my life…


I had been sick with the flu for a few days at home prior to the day that began it all. I was in music class and was not feeling well so I asked to go to the bathroom. The teacher told me to sit back down and wait the 5 minutes until the film was over, so I did as I was told. I remember sitting there thinking about how embarrassed I would be if I got sick in front of all these people but dismissed it and tried to watch the film. Not more than 2-3 minutes later I felt a wave of sickness come over me,

Out of the Blues: The story of Chris Burns

This is the story of Chris Burns.  A great friend and someone who I believe will be a huge part of the mental health movement in Canada for years to come.  His unique story and his fearless way of delivering it is amazing to watch.  This video follows Chris’ fascinating history, his battle with depression and ends with a message of hope for those who suffer.


Surviving Trixie: Heather Ashton

Surviving Trixie


Part I: The Joys of Dieting


Now that I look back at what I’ve written, it’s occurring to me how sick I really was. “What brings you to the ER this afternoon, sweetie?” The triage nurse looked at me with the most beautiful eye creasing smile. “An eating disorder, I guess.” I mean, I didn’t think I was that sick. I still could walk, I could still stand. But you see, thats the vile thing about eating disorders. They somehow deny you the fact that you are even remotely ill because theres no problem in being thinner, right? Everybody wants to be a size 0. Everyone wants to see there protruding collarbones. As far as I knew I was a perfectly normal teenager. Because everyone wants to be slim, right?


Walk with me: Kristin Foote

What is an RPN anyway?  Why wouldn’t you just become a real nurse? Aren’t you scared of working there?  Tell me some crazy stories!


These comments and questions are asked to me on a regular basis as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse. I am a proud RPN at the Regina General Hospital on the Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry Units and a Casual Psychosocial Rehabilitation Worker with Phoenix Residential Society.


Ride Don’t Hide – June 22nd – Support the SK Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)

We are excited that this awareness campaign and fundraiser is happening here in Saskatchewan for the first time, and couldn’t wait to get involved!  We have entered a team and are looking for riders to join us and ride for mental health awareness.

Spandex Thinking: Carleen Desautels

Yoga pants, jeggings, stretchy jeans and the comfy pajama bottoms that you keep for years.  When we put on these pieces of clothing we feel free and unrestricted, the shape of the clothes adjusting to the shape of our body rather than us having to adjust to the shape of the clothes.  All of these pieces of clothing contain some small amount of Spandex, in most cases as little as 5%.  The stretchiness of the threads allows the fabric to shift and move, making allowances for our bodies and making those yoga pants, jeggings or jeans the “perfect fit”.

Music and Addictions

Two of my favourite musicians open up about their struggles with overcoming addiction and substance abuse in the following videos: