Is UnderstandUs a Non Profit organization?

 We are a non-profit organization.  Every single dollar raised through UnderstandUs goes into our unique initiatives to promote the understanding of those with mental health barriers as well as mental health education for youth.

Does any member of the organization get paid a salary?

Every single member of our organization is working on a volunteer basis.  We have never paid any salaries or hourly wages to any of our members.

Where does the money raised go?

All money raised through UnderstandUs goes into the following initiatives:

1. Mental Health Initiatives and Awareness Campaigns: We produce public awareness campaigns using unconventional methods to promote a better understanding of mental health. We typically do this by leveraging sponsors, free media, social networks, friends and family.

2. Youth Engagement & Education: The biggest impact we can make in mental health education and awareness is engaging those in their most impressionable age. We proactively work with the school systems, teachers, and other youth programs in Regina to provide workshops, speaker forums and education seminars on mental health. The average age of the UnderstandUs family is 28 years old, making us relatable, approachable and supportive to youth spanning all ages. We attempt to act as leaders, mentors and friends to kids and teens who need it.

3. Clothing/Apparel: We believe in creating a community of mental health ambassadors. Those who are fearless in showing their support and raising awareness for the better understanding of mental health. We believe our UnderstandUs apparel and merchandise can be a unifier for our supporters that helps further break down the misrepresentation of those affected by mental health barriers. All proceeds from merchandise sales go towards breakeven costs, the development of youth programs and school curriculum initiatives, and awareness campaigns.

Is UnderstandUs a registered non-profit organization with a charity number to provide tax redemption receipts?

We are a registered non-profit through the corporate registry and are in the process of finalizing a charity number.  Unfortunately at this time we are unable to provide a charitable receipt for donations.

Do you provide mental health services or focus on advocacy?

Our main focus is providing education and advocacy for those with mental health barriers.  We do not focus on a specific service, as we feel there are many organizations that have more resources and are better equipped to provide these services.  We work with local organizations to provide their services as a resource to those who view our site.

Have you received any grants or government funding?

We have not received any support through government funding/grants or large corporate donations.  We have been a grass roots movement that has supported ourselves through merchandise sales/events/ and generous donations from local supporters.

Do you accept volunteers and how would I get involved?

We do accept volunteers!  As we move forward with more events/educational workshops/ and campaigns we will need help and support from the community.  You can sign up below to be added to our volunteer list.

Volunteer Today

Anyone can get involved with our initiative by simply offering others your understanding, as well as spreading our message on your social media outlets.

What year did UnderstandUs start?

We began this journey in August 2011.