Zero No Sevens: Keenan George

1 out of 10 but NO 7’s || Weekly Life Assessment Test.

Every Sunday night, rank yourself 1 out of 10 in the following categories and write a 1 sentence response as to either why you ranked the category that number or, if scored low, how can you make a change in the coming week to increase that number.

1.  Emotions

2. Health

3. Fitness

4. Spirituality

5. Hobby

6. Adventure

7. Intimate Relationship

8.  Friends

9. Mission / Work

10. Finances

This tool has been critical in my life. Ranking myself a 3/10 week after week in Adventure started to nudge myself in the direction of getting out and doing something unique – especially with my family.

And of course, mental health has a lot to do with balance in many categories in life. And sometimes, we just take our eye off what matters. Either too busy, or not even thinking about it. Do you have a hobby? Ever get to exercise your creativity muscle through your hobby? How does exercising your creativity muscle impact your day-to-day? Your happiness? Does exercising your creativity muscle make you better at your job / career?


All great questions.

To me its clear, rank yourself 1/10 weekly and nudge yourself in the direction of your best self. The roots of these benefits can be far reaching.


✔️ Tip: When ranking 1 to 10, never give yourself a 7. It is like giving yourself a “push” or a “soft pass”.  Forcing yourself to chose between a 6 or an 8 is great for teasing out deeper thought around what you believe you deserve.