December 2018

Mental health is real and it needs to be taken seriously. It's remarkable to me that in today's day and age company insurance plans have no problem covering the cost of prescription drugs but the coverage for counselling is capped! If a person isn't right mentally then the rest of their body suffers which puts a drain on companies, families and our health care system. I put mental health in the same category as concussions in sports. It used to be that if you had a concussion you were considered weak because nobody could see your injury; you know the whole "suck it up and get back in the game." It wasn't that long ago if you told somebody you were depressed they would tell you to snap out of it and quit moping.  And I used think that way until recently when my life hit a downturn. 2018 has not been kind to me as I'm going through a difficult life change and some close family members have encountered serious health problems. I'm not at the point where I want to harm myself but at times I've been depressed, unmotivated and very anxious .  A lot of things popped into my head:  Michael  what is wrong with you? Come on man snap out