January 2019

My name is Hayley Cattell. You may have heard my name before, or seen me around town. What I am most commonly known for is a bubbly personality, always being on the go, and being annoyingly optimistic. I’m always a call away for any one in need, always down for a night on the town, and love to give hugs to anyone who may be feeling the blues. I’ve always been very open and honest with my battle with anxiety and depression, but what I really don’t speak about is my Panic Disorder. The following is an account of a major turning point in my life. Ever since September 23rd, 2008, I have had numerous panic attacks, all from which stem from very different triggers. Some days, I will panic over a work or school assignment. Some days, I will panic if I can’t remember if I turned my stove off or not. But most days, I just wake up in my sleep, unable to breathe. The following is my own account of a very traumatic experience I went through in my Grade 12 year. This is from my perspective, and I have chosen to conceal the names of those involved.